The Customs Department of continental worldwide logistics is set up to manage all customs processes and procedures required by its clients through any Spanish customs, either through the organisation itself or with the use of external customs representatives of recognised prestige and professionalism.

Our teams in the customs area –highly qualified and with ample experience– will carry out any necessary procedures to manage your international trade operations, import-export, temporary, in customs transit, etc.

We answer any questions or queries from our clients regarding their customs management through our customs and foreign trade advisory service.

We enjoy AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status, granted by Spanish Customs in fellowship with Customs of Europe.

Our Services:

  • Temporary Admission
  • Customs Warehouse: ADT, DAP, DA, LAME, FREE ZONES
  • Triangular operations and transits
  • Release for free circulation
  • Advice on international sales and purchases
  • DOVI license processing at the Ministry of Trade
  • Preparation of customs inspections
  • Customs-related service management, FOREIGN HEALTH, FITO, SOIVRE, PHARMACY
  • And many more...